Dental Appliances

At our Delta dental office, our dentist can fit you for dental appliances that may help improve and protect your oral health and overall wellbeing.

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Dental Appliances, Delta Dentist

What is a Dental Appliance?

To maintain good oral health, sometimes more is required than regular brushing and flossing routine. Those of us who clench or grind our teeth, snore, or play sports may want to consider wearing dental appliances that can help preserve and protect our oral structures, and the health of our entire bodies. 

At Delta Dental Offices, we offer dental appliances such as sleep apnea devices and mouth guards that can help improve and protect the health of your oral cavity. 

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Appliances

Did you know that sleep disorders can not only disrupt your sleep, but also severely impact your overall health and wellbeing?

In patients who snore, their throat tissues relax and cause the airway to become blocked, producing the sound we all recognize as snoring as oxygen is forced past. For patients with sleep apnea, their throat tissues relax more than normal and obstruct the airway, prompting the brain to wake them up so they can breathe. 

At Delta Dental Offices, we offer custom-fitted oral appliances to shift the lower jaw and tongue muscles and open the airway. This can help improve your oxygen flow and may keep you from waking up during the night. This can lead to a more restful night's sleep - and a healthier quality of life - for you.

Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards 

Custom-made mouth guards fit over your teeth and help protect them from damage. 

Sports Guards

If you happen to take a hit to the mouth while playing sports, a mouth guard can act as a barrier between the soft tissue of your mouth and your teeth to help protect your smile. 

Night Guards

Do you clench your jaw while you sleep? A mouth guard may be able to provide some pain relief. If teeth grinding is your issue, a mouth guard can also help protect your teeth from damage or injury. 

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